Building and Sustaining High Performing Advancement Committees

Building and Sustaining High Performing Advancement Committees

Advancement Education BSA The Merit Badge Program Guide to Advancement Section 7 National Advancement Team Expiration Date This presentation is not to be used after January 31, 2019. Obtain an updated version at Benefits of Merit Badges

GTA Acquire skills, hobbies Explore career possibilities Grow in confidence, social skills, self reliance Experience learning in many different settings Associate with new adult role models 2 The Blue Card

GTA The only nationally recognized merit badge record 3 Unit Leader Approval GTA, The Scout may start a merit badge before meeting with his unit leader. Challenge by choice: The Scout decides. Use the opportunity to discuss the badge. Discuss concerns, if any, but allow the Scout to

choose. The unit leader signs the application (blue card). 4 The Process of Counseling GTA The Scout develops an interest in a merit badge and may begin working on the requirements. The Scout discusses his interest in the merit badge with his unit leader. The unit leader signs the blue card and provides the

Scout with at least one registered counselor contact. The Scout contacts the counselor. The counselor considers any work completed prior to the initial meeting with the unit leader. The Scout, his or her buddy and counselor meet, often several times. 5 The Process of Counseling GTA The Scout finishes the requirements. The counselor approves completion.

The Scout returns the signed blue card to the unit leader who signs the applicant record section. The unit leader gives the Scout the applicant record. The unit reports the merit badge to the council. The Scout receives the merit badge. 6 Other Issues Take a friend or buddy. (

If merit badge counseling includes any electronic interaction, it must be conducted in accordance with BSA Social Media Guidelines. ( Merit badge counselors can be used to finish a partially completed merit badge. ( 7 Merit Badge Counselors Must.

GTA Complete Youth Protection Training Be men or women of good character. Be at least age 18. Have skills and education in the subject. Maintain registration with the Boy Scouts of America as a merit badge counselor. Be approved by the local council for each merit badge counseled. 8

Counselor Limitations GTA Counselors may counsel as many badges as they are qualified to do. A Scout may earn unlimited badges from any one counselor who is approved to counsel the badges. Approved counselors may work with their own son, ward, or relative. Scouts should be encouraged to seek counselors beyond their family and unit whenever possible.

9 Certifications for Specific Badges GTA Badges involving higher-risk activities may require counselors or supervisors to hold additional certifications. Consult the Guide to Safe Scouting and the Guide to Advancement for the latest information.

10 Registering and Training Counselors GTA, To register, all counselors must complete: Merit Badge Counselor Information Sheet. No. 34405 BSA Adult Application with code 42. Resources: Essentials of Merit Badge

Counseling. ( Guide for Merit Badge Counseling, No. 34532 11 Group Instruction GTA It is acceptable, and sometimes desirable, for merit badges to be taught in group settings. Summer camp, merit

badge fairs and midways are examples. A Scout must be tested individually, he or she must show that he actually and personally completed the requirements as written. Group Instruction Guide, No. 512-066 12 Merit Badge Miscellany GTA Suggesting new merit badges. [email protected]

Suggesting revisions. When requirements change. 13 Merit Badge Miscellany GTA Discontinued merit badges. ( Eagle-required badges for Star and Life rank. ( Once it is earned, its earned. (

Partials only expire on the Scouts 18th birthday. ( A Scout of any age may work on any merit badge at any time. ( 14 Summary The merit badge program provides Scouts with the opportunity to learn new skills by pursing merit badge topics that are of interest to them. The program provides the Scout with the opportunity for greater interaction with adult role

models. The process gives the Scout confidence in overcoming challenges while improving social skills and developing self-reliance. 15 For More Information Guide to Advancement, current edition [email protected] AdvancementandAwards/MeritBadges.aspx If you have questions, district and council

advancement administrators first, then: [email protected] 16 Questions? 17

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