Buddhism Basics - Ms Jones's Religion Class

Buddhism Basics - Ms Jones's Religion Class

WHEEL OF LIFE BHAVACHAKRA What is it? From Tibetan Tradition Represents the cycle of samsara & teachings of the Buddha Divided into the Six Realms of being In each realms the Bodhisattva of

Compassion, Avalokiteshvara, appears to show the way to liberation Literal or allegory? Twelve Nidanas: Links of Dependent Origination All dharmas depend on cause/effect. Must break free. If this exists, that exists; if this ceases to exist, that also

ceases to exist 1. blind man or woman (ignorance) 2. potters (formation) 3. a monkey (consciousness) 4. two men in a boat (mind and body) 5. a house with six windows (the senses) 6. an embracing couple (contact) 7. an eye pierced by an arrow (sensation) 8. a person drinking (thirst) 9. a man gathering fruit (grasping/attachment)

10.a couple making love/pregnant woman (becoming) 11.a woman giving birth (birth) 12.a man carrying a corpse (death) The Center The Three Poisons Forces that keep the wheel turning A rooster, a snake, and a pig: greed, anger and ignorance

The Intermediate State White Path: bodhisattvas guide beings to rebirth in higher realms Dark path: demons lead beings to lower realms Yama A Dharmapala, Lord of the Underworld Wrathful deity who protects

Buddhism & Buddhists Represents impermanence Turns the wheel NOT EVIL The Realm of the gods

Highest realm Long, pleasure-filled lives Wealth, power, happiness, Perpetually at war with the Asuras Do not recognize truth of suffering No desire to seek nirvana Reborn into lower realm

The Realm of Asuras The jealous gods Competitive & paranoid Driven by desire to conquer Have power & resources, sometimes accomplish good anti-gods: believe

the belong in the God Realm The realm of animals Solid, regular, predictable Cling to the familiar Ignorance & complacency Subject to bigotry &

oppression The Realm of hell Anger, terror, claustrophobic Place of fire & ice Torment of isolation, leads to selfdestruction Psychologically Fiery Beings are angry Icy Beings are unfeeling

The Realm of Hungry Ghosts Have huge, empty stomachs, but thin necks Don't allow nourishment to pass. Food turns to fire and ash in their mouths. Greed and jealously lead to their rebirth Psychologically: addiction, obsession compulsion

The Realm of humans Questioning and curiosity Filled with passion Dharma is openly available, but few seek it Liberation is only possible from here

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