Books of the Bible - St. Mary, Ottawa

Books of the Bible - St. Mary, Ottawa

Bible Course Content For 1727 and 1728 A.M. Pre-servants Bible Course Content Bible in a glance Bible Study methods of the course Course Conduction Course Evaluation Bible in A Glance

THE BIBLE 66 + 9 books 40 different writers Almost 1500 Years Over 10,000 events One Story

Unity of Theme No contradictions 40 writers, 15 centuries, yet claims ONE AUTHOR Holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Spirit of God (2 Peter 1:21) DIVISIONS OF THE BIBLE OLD TESTAMENT : 39 Books (First Canonical) and 9 Books (Second Canonical)

NEW TESTAMENT : 27 Books The whole Bible can be divided in to many divisions according to the content Old Testament

Law Books (Pentateuch): Genesis Deuteronomy Historical Books: Joshua Esther Poetical & Wisdom Literature: Job Songs of Solomon Prophetical Books (17 Books) Major Prophets: Isaiah Daniel (5 Books) Minor Prophets: Hosea Malachi (12 Books) Apocalyptic Literature: Daniel, Ezekiel etc. Second Canonical books (9 Books)

THE MESSAGE OF THE PROPHETS OF THE OLD TESTAMENT WAS Mose s Creation of world 2500 B.C. 1400 B.C..

400 B.C.. 2000 A.D. New Testament 1. The Gospels (4 Books) Synoptical Gospels: Mathew, Mark & Luke The Fourth Gospel: John 2. The Historical Book: Acts of the Apostles 3. Letters or Epistles (21 Books)

Pauline Epistles (14 Books) Catholic Epistles or Other Epistles (7 Books) 4. Apocalyptic Literature: Revelation Mose s 1400 B.C.. 400 B.C..

30 A.D. 2000 A.D. New Testament The Four Gospels give evidence that Jesus is the Christ, the one predicted in the OT times and shows how prophecy was fulfilled in the life and death of Jesus; Luke 24:44 Fifth Book Acts, written by Luke tells the story of the first 30 years of Christianity The 6th to 26th are letters written by apostles instructing the Christian living

The 27th book (Revelation) gives a glimpse of the eternal life THE MESSAGE OF THE NEW TESTAMENT IS AN INVITATION TO Mose s Creation of world 2500 B.C. 1400

B.C.. 400 B.C.. 2000 A.D. Assignment The NT fulfilled the promises, prophecies, and symbols of the OT about Christ. Please Read the following paragraphs from the Bible and write the verse(s) that support the above statement: 1. John 5: 31-47

2. John 8: 48-59 3. Luke 24: 13-27 4. Luke 24: 44-49 Bible Study Methods of the Course Book by Book Overview of the Book under-study Christ of the Book Main characters and events of the Book

Reference in NT to OT Book under-study Devotional Study On Key verses or part of a chapter Course Conduction Presented by Magdy Keriakos and others? About 2.5 lectures per month Each lecture may have an assignment (questions or a short research) Course Evaluation

70% on assignments 30% on tests (2 tests in May 2011, May 2012) 75% pass mark

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