Be An Administrative Whiz - American Camp Association New England

Be An Administrative Whiz - American Camp Association New England

Be An Administrative Whiz Make it seem like magic. Amanda Zoellner [email protected] This is not rocket science, but it does require some effort and organization. Review camper and staff lists regularly. Talk about your program with your colleagues, and make sure you know

about any program changes or highlights. Challenge yourself to remember things. Get people to test you. Organize your workspace and information. Information is Everywhere!

What do you know already? Database Caller ID Membership records Mailing lists Read everything at least once, and make note of details that could be

important. Memorize the Basics There are a few kinds of information that should stick in your head easily with repetition. Program dates and prices General camp information and policies Contact information that you need often

Telephone area codes and exchanges Zip codes for common cities and Use Reference Material Theres plenty of information that its unnecessary to memorize, because you can find it so easily. Camp brochures, registration forms, handbook, medical forms Listing of available spaces (because it changes) Phone numbers that you need regularly A web browser window open to your camps

homepage Google, if all else fails Memorizing Advanced Parents love it when you can say Of course I remember you and mean it. Know the names of kids and their friends, if thats important at your camp. Pay particular attention to details about kids with special needs.

If your brain allows, know whos going to which session. The Reply Be fast! Get back to people as soon as you can, and make sure people know when that will be. Do some research before you return a call or e-mail. If the answer you have to give is not the one a parent wants to hear, have some other

options ready. If you have to follow up, let people know when they can expect to hear from you again. On the Phone Let parents talk, and dont interrupt But, make sure you tell them what they need to know. Ask simple questions to make sure you understand what they want, if

theres any doubt. Learn to talk and type (or write) at the same time. Get a headset if that will help you. When Youre Away Always leave an out-of-office message, and make sure its accurate Anticipate questions Leave clear instructions

Have a back-up person for urgent questions Workflow My workflow is best described as do it now. You have to find a workflow that works for you and for your camp. When are you freshest? When (and how) do people want to reach you? Whats your camp culture?

How does your workflow mesh with others who work at your camp? Organizing Your Stuff Create a system that works for you Learn to use your e-mail system and calendar Keep the stuff you need near your desk Think about whats on/in your desk Clean your office

The Fun Stuff Adopt a camp costume Use clues that will allow you to greet campers by name, if possible Practice the hand-off. Help families get ready to stop relying on you, and start relying on the staff at camp. Your To Do List Figure out what information is most

important at your camp, and learn it or make it easy to find. Create an office environment that supports your job. Dont be afraid to rearrange. Extend your effort where its most needed. If you already have a process that works just fine, dont break it. Practice!

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