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Another Poppy

Open Source Software Charles Russell Technical Director Bennu Bird Media January 28, 2014 Agenda Define Open Source Motivation of open source developers License Types Creative Commons What type of software is available Where to find it Why do I want to know this Microsoft Office $399.00 $$$$$$$$$$$$$ Photoshop $50.00/mo $$$$$$$$$$$$$ Visio $589.00

Norton $60.00/year Autocad $4195.00 Maya $3675.00 $$$$$$$$$$$$$ Oracle $350.00/named user What is Open Source Software available free of charge as an alternative to conventional commercial models. Open source software can be used and disseminated at will, and the source code is open and can be changed as required. The only condition is that the user make such changes known and pass this information on to others. Open source software is the shared intellectual property of all developers and users and, thanks to the collaboration, achieves a higher level of quality than software produced using conventional means Important points Free of charge Disseminated at will Source code can be altered to suit your needs (if you are a programmer) Shared intellectual property of Users and Developers Official Definition Open Source Initiative The Open Source Initiative (OSI) is a non-profit corporation

with global scope formed to educate about and advocate for the benefits of open source and to build bridges among different constituencies in the open source community The official definition is available at How Do They Make Money Reduce Cost Some open source projects are done to share development costs with less hassle with formal contracts Dual Licensing Open Source Version for private use or other Open source Project. Commercial version for proprietary use. Sale of training and support

Up Sale Donations It's not always about the money Altruism Ego Resume Building Make the software better fit a company's needs Creative Expression

Learning the latest technologies Open Source Licenses Academic Free Lic Aferro GPL Lesser Gnu Public License Artistic Lic

IBM Public License BSD Sun Public License Gnu Public License (GPL) Xfree86 Many more Compare at It Isn't Only Software Creative Commons

Expand the range of creative works for others to build upon Books Movies Photography Articles Music So What Is Out There Microsoft Office Alternatives Security Antivirus

Open Office (Apache) Libre Office Outlook Alternative Thunderbird Lightning

Avast Free AVG ClamWin Avira Backup Google Docs Calligra Clonezilla Fog Wait, There's More! Graphics Gimp (Photoshop Replacement)

Gimpshop Inkscape (Illustrator replacement) Scribus (InDesign replacement) Blender (Maya replacement) Visio(Flowcharting) Dia Calligra Flow Computer Aided

Design(Autocad) BRL Cad Free CAD Archimedes Even More Video Editing Avidemux Screen Recorders

Ezvid(free but not true open source) Data Base Systems MySQL Postgres Maria DB Operating systems Webinaria

Camstudio Solaris BSD Linux Games 0AD Saurbraten Where do I look for this Google Open source alternatives to ______ Source Forge WikiPedia Demo Time

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