Ankle Joint - Yola

Ankle Joint - Yola

Ankle AnkleJoint Joint Ankle Joint Tibia is the larger bone and the true weight bearing bone of the leg. Medial and lateral malleoli are at

the distal end of the tibia and tibia and fibula. Tarsal Bones Calcaneus- largest and most posterior tarsal bone. It is also known as

the heel bone. Calcaneal tuberosityprojection of posterior side of the calcaneus, where the achilles tendon attaches. Tarsal Bones Sustentaculum tali- medial superior

part projecting out from the calcaneus, three tendons loop around this projection. It helps them change direction from posterior to plantar foot. Tarsal Bones Talus- bone that sits on top of the calcaneus and below

the tibia and fibula. Tarsal Bones Navicular- medial side of the talus and proximal to the cuniform bones. Tarsal Bones

Cuboid and Cuniforms- the most distal row of tarsal bones in the foot. Foot bones Metatarsals are

numbered 1-5. Normally first and fifth are weight-bearing bones and 2-4 are not. Foot Bones Phalanges of the foot have the same position as the hand, they are

basically the toes. Joints of the Ankle/Foot Talocrural Joint-joint in the ankle found between the tibia, fibula, and talus. Dorsi/plantar flexion Subtalar Joint -joint in the ankle found between the talus and

calcaneus. The subtalar joint allows gliding and rotation, which are involved in inversion and eversion of the foot. The talocalcaneonavicular joint is a complex joint in which the head of the talus articulates

with the calcaneus and plantar calcaneonavicular ligament below and the navicular in front The talocalcaneonavicular joint allows gliding and rotation movements, which together with similar movements of the subtalar joint are involved with

inversion and eversion of the foot. It also participates in pronation and supination. Joints of the foot and ankle Inferior tibiofibular joint is a syndesmosis joint. This is not a synovial

joint, but one covered by a fibrous tissue that holds the joint together. ANKLE JOINT Anterior view

Lateral view Type & Articular Surfaces TYPE: synovial, hinge joint. ARTICULAR SURFACES: UPPER: A socket formed by: Lateral malleolus. the lower end of tibia &

medial malleolus. LOWER: Body of talus. Ligaments MEDIAL (DELTOID) LIGAMENT: A strong triangular ligament. Apex: attached to medial malleolus. Base: subdivided into 4 parts:

1. 2. 3. 4. 1 Anterior tibiotalar part. Tibionavicular part.

Tibiocalcaneal part. Posterior tibiotalar part. LATERAL LIGAMENT: Composed of 3 separate ligaments: - Anterior talofibular ligament. 1. Calcaneofibular ligament. 2. Posterior talofibular ligament.

3 2 4 2 3 1

Movements DORSIFLEXION: Performed by muscles of anterior compartment of leg (tibialis anterior, extensor hallucis longus, extensor digitorum longus & peroneus tertius). PLANTERFLEXION: Initiated by soleus. Maintained by gastrocnemius. Assisted by other muscles in posterior compartment of leg (tibialis

posterior, flexor digitorum longus & flexor hallucis longus) + muscles of lateral compartment of leg (peroneus longus & peroneus brevis).

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