ALA Presentation 6 July 2000 - University of Notre Dame

ALA Presentation 6 July 2000 - University of Notre Dame

ALCTS Pre-Conference "Metadata: Libraries and the Web-Retooling AACR and MARC21 for Cataloging in the 21 st Century" Palmer House (Chicago, IL : July 6-7, 2000) ABRACADABRA! From a Web Site to a MARC Record Presenter: Laura Bayard

Associate Librarian University of Notre Dame UNIVERSE OF POSSIBILITIES Innovation: MARC field 856 Trend : Web-based Library Catalogs

A TRADITION OF SELECTION ACTIVITIES Library Patrons: Librarians: Enrich Apply qualitative local collections judgments to Web resources

Provide one-stop-shopping benefit Include Web sites in library catalogs The Nature, or, the Dark Side of Web Sites Here today...could be gone tomorrow Not created equally

Difficult to organize and archive Free & therefore ephemeral? More of them than of us ONLINE CATALOG ACCESS TO WEB SITES STRESSES AVAILABLE

RESOURCES TECHNOLOGICAL ALCHEMY Tools that automate cataloging of Web resources seem to be magical, but behind the illusion is a


Rebecca Guenther, Metadata crosswalks [photocopy handout of presentation, Metadata Standards: MARC, ALCTS/LITA Institute], Managing Metadata for the Digital Library (Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Conference Center, May 4-5, 1998), 8th slide. CROSSWALK = MAPPING Metadata from a

Web site can be popped into a MARC format AND Vice versa ASSUMES : Metadata are recognizable Metadata exist within internal sources

Project to Refine Definitions and to Develop Guidelines by: OLAC CAPC Subcommittee on Source of Title Note for Internet Resources Preliminary report [Online]. Available: html

(Accessed January 10, 2000) SUBJECT & CATALOGING WIZARDS COLLABORATE New automatic cataloging tools

with labeled forms allow collaboration to accomplish goal to provide access to Web resources through the Magic Wand:

MARCit Available: (Accessed January 31, 2000) HARDWARE/ SOFTWARE SPECS Windows 95 or NT (minimum)

5 MB hard drive space 16 MB RAM Internet connection & search engine, v. 3.0 or higher: either Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer Step #1 Bring up Web resource to be

cataloged Step #2 Invoke MARCit (Click on shortcut icon) Step #3 Customize MARCit (Tools\Options) Call no.

(082, 050, 090) Identifier (003) Cat. Source (040) Browser Control no.

(852h) (001) Lang. Code (008/35-37) Step #3, cont. Customize MARCit (Tools\Options)

Cat. Source (040) Sys. details note (538)Label for rating data Data note

(516) (514 ) MARCits Other Magic Ingredients: System Supplied Data, Not in Options 1. Date created

in YYMMDD format 3. Leader (LDR/00-23), including size of the completed record 2. Physical

descritpion (007) with mandatory subfields representing remote computer files (crunu) 4. General materials designation (245|h) [computer file]

Step #4 Some data input automatically URL (856) Title from title header (245a)

Step #5 Main / Added Entries Main entry (100/110) Added entry (700/710)

Step #6 Key / Copy & Paste Additional Data Publication Summar y Interest level (856 |z)

Step #7 MARCits Subject template Select type Add another Subdivisions

The Rest of the Template Call no. ISBN, ISSN, LCCN Subject s

Step #7 Save the record: File\ Save or Save icon ABRACADABRA! From a Web site to a MARC Record

Step #8 IMPORT MARC records into YOUR catalog DIFFERENT METHODS exist, depends upon YOUR AUTOMATION SYSTEM WORK with your SYSTEMS office NDs environment: Ex Libris' Aleph ILS

Used BNA loader Ftp the records to the test server; Run the loader from the Services Menu. Step #8 Rename, Empty, or Delete file MARC21 Record Created with

MARCit Advantages MARCiT Employs up-to-date MARC standards Inputs data automatically into

mandatory fields Eases use with navigation & Windows functionalities Prompts for data with a labeled template Advantages, cont. Accepts LC, DDC, or local call numbers

Uses type of subject headings / type of subdivisions on pull-down menus Works speedily, easily, reliably Produces MARC record for local system Disadvantages

MARCit Requires editing of MARC record Insert ISBD punctuation to: Select most complete or

fullest title Add more than one alternative title Correct 2nd indicators for legitimate LC subject headings Complete lengthy headings Produces MARC record for local

system Other Magic Wands OCLCs CORC Available: (Accessed February 11, 2000) FGDC to MARC21

Hocus Pocus-- Not Tools that automate cataloging Tools that allow cataloging and subject wizards to team up Innovations to address otherwise expensive, but beneficial activities ABRACADABRA!

Conquering the Webs dark side may be too much to expect, but taming it seems possible with technological alchemy. The END...the BEGINNING

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