Aero and Officer Mike: Police Partners

Aero and Officer Mike: Police Partners

Theme 5 Lesson 23 Day 3 Question of the Day If you could talk with any fantasy character, who would it be? Why? What character would you talk with? Tell why you chose that character and what you would like to talk about. T244

Todays Read Aloud Set a purpose Why would someone want to read or listen to a poem more than once? For enjoyment, to practice fluency. Listen and follow along as I read the poem aloud. Listen carefully to how the poet compares the plant to a person in the fifth and sixth stanzas. T157

A Special Sprout Inside a seed, a little plant Is waiting to come out. With soil, water, and some sun The plant begins to sprout. The sprout is small and starts to grow, With tiny leaves of green. The flowers, fruit, or branches tall Are waiting to be seen. Then suddenly, without a sound, It bursts to twice its size. The little plant just grows and grows,

Right before my eyes! I stand amazed and watch the plant Stretch up, up to my knees, Then stand up even taller still And reach up toward the trees. Suddenly two arms reach out, And much to my surprise, My giant plant now has a face, A smile, and big bright eyes! We start to talk, and soon, I know, A friendship has begun.

My plant and I now spend our days Talking in the sun. Now, read the poem aloud with a partner. Remember to adjust your reading rate when necessary. Prefixes: pre-, mis-, inpreheat misprint inexact What are the prefixes in these words? Prefixes have their own meanings and,

when they are added to words, new words with meanings are formed. T158 Prefixes misunderstand Students can use their knowledge of prefixes to break this word into parts and decode it. What is the prefix in this word? What is the root word? What does this word mean?

T244 Prefixes 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

10. 11. 12. misjudge inaccurate prepaid mislabel inattention misuse presort mismatch

inactive misbehave misprint preclean ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________

___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ What are the prefixes and new word meanings of each of these words?

Prefixes Place each of the following words into one of the three categories. Input preset misuse inside preview incorrect pretest mislead preheat indoors misplace preschool misread mismatch misspell pre- mis- in-

Fluency Expression When good readers read aloud, they use their voices to express the emotions and actions that are part of the story. Reading with expression makes a story more interesting and more fun both to read and to hear. Good readers: Think about what is happening in the story Change volume and tone to match the events or feelings Pay attention to punctuation

T246 Fluency I am going to read page 230 of Chestnut Cove. I will pay attention to what is happening so I can make my voice match. I will watch for punctuation marks to tell me when to pause. I see that one sentence begins and ends with and. Usually and is in the middle of a sentence. Now, echo read each sentence after me. Look at page 233. Look at the punctuation marks and unusual sentences on this page. Notice the commas on either side of Thelma and the comma in the last sentence. The second sentence begins with the word like.

The author wrote this way to make the story sound like someone talking. Now, read pages 234-235 aloud with a partner. Use appropriate expression as you read. Offer feedback to one another about your reading. Cause and Effect A cause is why something happens and an effect is what happens as a result of a cause. Asking why questions can help identify a cause and asking what questions can help identify an effect. Identifying cause-and-effect relationships can help readers determine what causes the characters actions and what the results of those actions are.

Cause and Effect Pages 243-245 Joe Morgan lets himself be lowered alongside the cliff to save Eloise. Why does he do that? Page 245-246 Mrs. Lark says she thinks the whole contest is silly. What happens after she makes this comment? Vocabulary If your bedroom was in disgraceful shape, what might it look like?

If your coach said that you are a decent soccer player, would you be pleased? Why or why not? How would you feel if you inherited a lot of money? Would you let friends in your bedroom if you were not contented with how your room looked? Explain. On what activities do you like to collaborate with others? Vocabulary If someone eagerly did a task, were they happy about doing it? Explain. If you helped your parents clear the table, what

items would be transferred to the kitchen? Imagine someone who has a fondness for the outdoors. Would this person spend their time hiking or watching TV? What emotion might you feel if you did not get a gift that you had been hoping for? What costume might make you feel ridiculous? Homophones bee/be I/eye

for/four Compare and contrast the words in each pair. How are they alike and different? The pairs of words are homophones. Homophones are two or more words that sound the same but have different meanings and different spellings. What are the meanings of the words in each pair? Homophones When you read, you can use context to confirm

which word is intended. When you write, you need to think carefully about the spelling you are using. You may need to check in a dictionary to see that you are using the correct spelling for the word. Homophones Ashley stroked the hares ears. hair Their books are on the desk. there, theyre Do you know him? no In the first sentence, hare is an animal, but hair sounds just the same.

Homophones What are some other homophone pairs you can think of? Write these sentences in your notebook and underline the homophones. 1. The wind blew our blue sailboat across the lake. 2. Our family ate dinner at eight oclock. 3. We will go to the store at two oclock, too. 4. Is your mail carrier a male or female? 5. Be careful not to tie a knot in your shoelaces. Grammar

DOL Write these sentences correctly. 1. The villagers of chestnut cove will grew watermelons. 2. king millford like watermelons. Present-Tense Verbs Most verbs show action and verb tense tells the time of the action. Mrs. Lark is growing watermelons. This sentence is correct because the subject (Mrs. Lark) and the verb (is growing) agree.

____________ grow watermelons. Would it be correct to put Mrs. Lark in the blank? What word could be put in the blank to make it correct? We Eloise live run

Write four sentences, two using we as the subject and two using Eloise as the subject. Two sentences will use a form of the verb live and two will use the verb run. Be sure to show subject-verb agreement. Share your sentences with a partner. Writing Fantasy Open your Student Edition to Chestnut Cove, page 233. This is a good example of fantasy writing. Follow with me as I read the page aloud. What parts could not happen in real life?

Fantasy: Could not happen in real life Often has animal characters that behave like people Contains characters who may or may not be realistic Has events that cause other events to take place

Fantasy Use your graphic organizers from Day 2 to draft a fantasy story. Use the list of characteristics of a fantasy as a guide while writing. Remember to use transitions to move the narrative forward in time and to connect ideas and events between sentences and paragraphs.

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