Advertising and Marketing

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising and Marketing Galaxy TV ad - CPS Focus: Media Language + Media Representations LO = to analyse TV ad using 2 media concepts the ad Key words Intertextuality: When one media text refers to or suggests another media text Semiotic codes: The media language choices (signs) that create connotations for the audience.

Nostalgia: a yearning for yesterday: is a frequently used advertising tool. It is particularly common in the chocolate industry. This classic Hovis bread advert from 1973 creates a nostalgic atmosphere of a more innocent time: Audrey Hepburn Audrey Hepburn was a huge Hollywood star in the 1950s and 1960s. She was associated with Hollywood glamour and style and was also a fashion icon and model. She died in 1993 at the age of 63. For the Galaxy advert, the advertising

agency used a CGI-version of Hepburn from 1953, the year of her hit film Roman Holiday. The advert is set on the luxurious Italian Riviera which creates intertextuality and nostalgia two key audience pleasures. This advert is of some cultural significance because of its extensive use of CGI and its intertextual references to a dead celebrity. Roman holiday trailer British actress, model, dancer

Lots of films but the one the ad is based on is Roman Holiday (1953) Ann (Audrey Hepburn), the crown princess of a country, becomes frustrated with her tightly scheduled life, and breaks down at having to repeatedly answer "yes, thank you" and "no, thank you" to Intertextuality in Media Products Intertextuality is where one media product (e.g. Galaxy) makes reference to other products (e.g.secretly demands

of media her time. She Audrey Hepburn movies such as 1953 film Roman Holiday) to interest and engage the audience. leaves her country's embassy. Narrative theories Propps Character theory Vladimir Propp stated that there were seven basic character functions when he analysed 100 fairy tales and that these were present in most narratives. Media

products still use these recognisable character types today: Hero, Villain, Heroine/Princess, Father, Donor, Helper/Sidekick, False Hero Todorov: equilibrium Todorov suggested that all narratives follow a three part structure. They begin with equilibrium, where everything is balanced, progress as something comes along to disrupt that equilibrium, and finally reach a resolution,

when a new equilibrium is restored. Equilibrium > Disequilibrium > New equilibrium This can be applied to most media narratives. Media Language How would you describe the narrative structure of the advert? How useful are narrative theories (such as Propp) in the analysis of the Galaxy advert? What elements of intertextuality can you identify? Which techniques of persuasion are used to promote the product?

Propp ideas about characters in stories Representations How are these representations constructing a version of reality? Identify the stereotypes used and explain their function. How are choices made by the producers of this advert in order to convey particular viewpoints, messages, values and beliefs? What factors will affect the audiences interpretations of these representations? Revision questions 1) Who is Audrey Hepburn?

2) Why did Galaxy select Audrey Hepburn for this advert? 3) What are the connotations of Audrey Hepburn and celebrity in this advert? 4) Why is the advert set in the 1950s? What audience pleasure does this provide? 5) What is intertextuality? 6) What Audrey Hepburn film is suggested in this advert and how is this effect created (e.g. mise-en-scene - CLAMPS: costume, lighting, actors, make-up, props, setting)? 7) Which of Propp's character types are represented in the advert? (Note: you will not find them all). 8) How does the advert's narrative (story) follow Todorov's theory of equilibrium? 9) What representations of gender can you find in this advert? 10) Are stereotypes reinforced or subverted in the Galaxy advert? Give examples.

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