48x36 poster template - research.wsulibs.wsu.edu:8443

48x36 poster template - research.wsulibs.wsu.edu:8443

You Are Not Interlibrary Alone
Results From an ILL Staffing Survey
Emerging Leaders 2008: Group O

Design and conduct a survey focused on
how interlibrary loan (ILL) operations are staffed
in different sizes and types of libraries.

Interlibrary Loan is most frequently used in the job title, followed by Document Delivery, and Access
Majority of ILL activities are located in a separate department.

A possible part 2 (or 3) of the project could
be to design a "databank" for the survey results
that would allow interested persons to search
for data relevant to their library environment.

Borrowing, on-campus Document Delivery, and Document Delivery to distance learners are the most
common ILL services.
32% of the surveyed libraries processed more than 10,000 transactions during the most current year.

March 15 Survey details in place
April 4 - Survey officially opened
May 5 - Survey officially closed. 1,033


May 6 Begin to analyze data

Loss of local collections due to budget cuts

June 26 Annual!


The overall morale is about the same as
other library employees.
Most ILL employees have some training
opportunities. Training for many is limited by
lack of funds, low staffing levels, and, in some
cases, by lack of interest.


Increasing patron base

responses received

June 15 Finish/print poster

Although ILL workload significantly
increased during the years, the pay of
interlibrary loan employees relative to other
employees in their library stayed at about the
same level.

All types of ILL transactions have both increased in the past
10 years and are expected to increase in the next 10
years. ILL staff and librarians attribute increases to:

Better holdings information in WorldCat/OCLC

June 1 Begin poster


Expansion of distance programs
ILL Qualifications:

Increased ease of requesting

Attention To Detail

Electronic delivery of articles

Computer Skills

Increasing awareness of the service and of resources

Time Management Skills
Service Oriented

Participation in consortia


Addition of new services (such as document delivery)

The very nature of interlibrary loan
(borrowing old, rare, & esoteric items) just
makes it more FUN!

Reference Skills
Curiosity To Solve Mysteries

When I retireI can't imagine that I'll be
replaced. I think they'll just cut services.
We are far busier than other departments.
There is a feeling that we are working harder
for the same money.

Linda Shippert: [email protected]

Growing need for ILL as a result of reduced
materials budgets

Bethany Sewell: [email protected]
Ying Zhong: [email protected]
Mentor: William Gee : [email protected]

Dramatically decreased student staffing
thanks to ILLiad
We should rely on staff members rather
than only student workers.

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