2nd Grade Curriculum Night 2008-2009

2nd Grade Curriculum Night 2008-2009

5th Grade Curriculum Night 2012-2013 The Team: Paula Guerrero Lyndee Eades, Shannon Rainwater, Drew Wilson Northbrook is Title I How did we become a Title I Campus?

Based on the number of Students who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch in the School District. At Northbrook in the 2011-2012 School year, we had 65.6% of our students qualify. What does this mean for our campus? Title I is a federal program designed to help students who need additional support in Reading or Mathnot only students who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch.

We receive federal funds because of our Title I status. At Northbrook, Title I money is used to fund 2 teachers: Our Math Specialist and our Reading Specialist. Attendance Texas Compulsory Attendance law requires that students must be in attendance 90% of the school year in order to receive credit for that year. An absence can be all day or partial day. Tardies can be considered for this state law and also for truancy. Attendance and being on time is IMPORTANT! AGAIN for 2012-2013 Students arriving late will need an adult to sign them into school in the office.

Your child should be at school unless they are sick. If you have a scheduled appointment for something other than illness, it is important that your child attend school for the other part of the school day. School starts at 7:40 and dismisses at 2:40. Truancy will be filed on your student if they miss school excessively and the absences are not excused. School hours School begins at 7:40 when the first bell rings.

Breakfast is served from 7:10 -7:30 A.M. Students are tardy from 7:40-9:59 A.M. After 10:00 AM they are absent School is dismissed at 2:40 PM For your childs safety, please do not drop them off before 7:10 A.M., as there is no supervision until 7:10. Lunch/Breakfast Lunch is $2.15 Breakfast is $1.35 You can make deposits on line or send in money to the cafeteria for your childs meal account. Children are allowed 3 charges and then they are provided with a tray that does not include the main entre

until their account is paid. You must complete a new lunch form each year to qualify for free or reduced meals. 5 Grade Schedule 740-Bell Rings th 7:50-9:00 Rotation 1 of Instruction 9:00-9:40 Rotation 2 of Instruction Begins

9:45-10:40 Intervention 10:45-11:40 Specials 11:50-12:20 Rotation 2 (continued) 5 Grade Schedule 12:25-1:10 Lunch/Recess th 1:15-2:25 Rotation 3 (Homeroom) 2:30-2:40 Homeroom/End of the Day School-wide behavior expectations HOW I ACT H=Hullabaloo: I will stay on task in class. O=Outside: I will have appropriate behavior outside of the classroom. W=Work: I will complete assignments on time.

I=Inside Voice: I used my inside voice appropriately. A=Attitude: I will be respectful to classmates and adults. C=Courtesy: I will keep my hands, feet, and objects to self. T=Talking: I will talk only at appropriate times. Golden Tallies will be given to students that exemplify the Golden Rule. Behavior HOW I ACT *Will be noted in the planner nightly *Must be signed EVERY night! *Tally is moved, it is not moved back until

9 week Conduct Grading Scale 90-100 Excellent 80-89 70-79 69 or less Satisfactory Needs Improvement Unsatisfactory Conduct grades are determined by your students choices for the 9 week grading period. Each 9 weeks your child starts with a 100 (E) in Conduct. After the first tally is pulled, two points will be subtracted from their 100 (E). Two points will continue to be subtracted from the conduct grade for the 9 week grading period.

For each Golden Tally a student earns one point will be added to their conduct grade. Example: A student pulls 6 tallies in a 9 week grading period. 6 tallies times 2 points per tally equals 12 points subtracted from their 100 (E). This student would earn a conduct grade of an 88 or S. 100 (E) - 12 points = 88 (S) Confidentiality Teachers and staff at NES are not permitted to discuss with parents any student who is not their child. This includes any and all discipline issues. Newsletters Newsletters will be sent home weekly with information that is pertinent for that week. Please read these and note important dates.

Homework 10 minute rule (aside from reading) each teacherProcedures agrees that they will not assign homework that would take their students more than 10 minutes per grade level year. example: 3 grade=30 minutes. Each grade level will assign reading, math, and spelling homework. Homework will be given out every Monday (the Friday before in the event there is no school on Monday) and math & reading will be collected every Thursday. Spelling will be collected every Friday. If a student does not do their HW then they are

expected to work on it during their recess time on Friday. (No tallies will be pulled) So their conduct grade will not be effected. Homework will not be graded, so their report card grades will not be effected. If a student does complete their homework and turns it in on time they will be given a homework point voucher worth 5 pts. . Students are responsible for these vouchers. There is a place for them to put their name and they may staple their voucher to any assignment or test that they would like the 5pts. added to. Blazer Buddies Homework Helpers whatever we call itStudents have the

opportunity to come to the library Wed-Fri mornings from 7:10-7:30 to have a place to do their HW and or get help with their HW. (no food or drink allowed) Math Homework Math homework will go home Monday-Thursday nightly. This will be a few problems nightly on material that has been taught. This homework will be checked the next day. If homework is not returned, they will do it during recess. Failure to do homework will result in a W tally. Parent contact will be made if this is a persistent problem. Math *Practice, practice, practice multiplication facts through 12x12

*Talk to your child about what they are learning in class. *Make connections in real world math, such as when you are shopping or balancing your checkbook or ordering dinner. * Reading *2 main components *Guided Reading *Teacher lead instruction *Literacy Stations *Student lead practice Reading Homework Students are required to read for 30

minutes each night from a Just Right Book of their choice. Students will write a brief paragraph summarizing what they read that night on their reading log. The summary should include a main idea a supporting details. How can I help at home? *Make sure your child is reading daily for 30 minutes *Read with your child or let them read to a younger sibling *Talk to them about what their reading *After watching TV or a movie, have students write or tell you a short

summary Science 4 main topics this year with Lab Safety and Science Investigation and reasoning integrating throughout the year o Matter and Energy o Force Motion and energy o Earth and Space o Organisms and Environments We use science journals in class and for our weekly labs. Occasionally we will send home projects that are to be completed at home.

Occasionally we will ask for students to provide their own low cost materials for some experiments. Advance notice will be given. Social Studies This year students will survey the history of the United States from 1565 to the present.

the colonial period American Revolution establishment of the U.S. Constitution and American identity westward expansion Civil War and Reconstruction immigration and industrialization 20th and 21st centuries This year students will survey the history of the United States from 1565 to the present. Historical content includes: the colonial period American Revolution establishment of the U.S. Constitution and American identity westward expansion Civil War and Reconstruction immigration and industrialization

20th and 21st centuries Our students will also: study a variety of regions in the United States learn characteristics and benefits of the free enterprise system and economic activities identify the roots of representative government while learning of the important ideas in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. study the fundamental rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights STAAR TEST * The TAKS test has been replaced by the STAAR test. *These tests are more difficult than TAKS tests and students will be required to complete each test in a 4

hour period. * They will only take each test 1 time this year. We will receive a score to help determine retention, but the test will not be the determining factor for STAAR Test Dates Math-March 27, 2013 Reading-March 28, 2013 Science-April 26, 2013 Students must pass the Reading and Math STAAR Test in order to be promoted to 6th Grade. Camp Jolt We will attend Camp Jolt November 14, 15, and 16, 2012 (An Overnight Trip)

This camp provides hands on science and team building opportunities We will need parent chaperones Cost per student is $131 and can be paid a little at a time, but the balance must be paid before going to camp. Chaperones pay $131 per person. Camp Jolt Look at the website: http://www.jolt-texoma.org/ about Camp JOLT will be coming soon. Any other

questions? Thank You for coming! Guerrero

Julian Antuna Jose Arreola Sofia Colmenero Nayeli De La O Alexia Espinoza Adriana Gallardo Andrew Gonzales Joel Gonzalez Virginia Hernandez Alexsandra Huerta

Trinity Langston Rey Martinez Israel Perez Alyssa Ramirez Daniel Rodarte Diego Rollaceli Celina Romero Ricardo Torres J Reyes Velasquez

Rainwater Savannah Baker Mason Berthiaume Christene Bokutu Rosalinda Cervantes Matthew Cox Joseph De La Cruz

Kaitlyn Denmond Angela Jingles Jazhiel Malagon Nayelle Milligaan Jennifer Nguyen

Thu Nguyen Jonathan Reinbold Jaqueline Rodriguez Grace Rudasigwa Hayden Scott Sabina Shively Kristen Smith Nathaniel Walker Mario Williams Andrew Ximenez Paige Young Wilson Ryan Brunick Dakota Daniels

Wendy Franco Dawson Grabner Alyssa Hawkins Charon James Sierra Layne Andrew McDonald JD Ramirez Cade Johathan Martin Salois Keyona Stubbs Lesley Zacarias Anahi Casias Dean Foote Joshua Godoy Cayla Grimes Jaiden Herrera JT Kennard

Alex Luno Bailey Pollack Marcellius Robbins III Leana Sanchez Jadyn Wagner

Eades Rime Allam Daeton Bassett Angelin F. Belloc Alec S. Bhatty Donna Chau Lisbeth Duran Hailee Espinoza Araselly Esquivel Gustavo Gaytan Jasmyne Heranandez Mia Hernandez

Heith Hunter Housewright Victoria Johnson Kaleb Marquez Isabella Mendoza Delano Mercado Christian Montoya

Alyssa Morgan Hailey Puga Morgan Quiett Manuel Rivas Elijah Salazar Aaliyah Wilson

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