2018 Keyworker Training - CFCNCA

2018 Keyworker Training - CFCNCA

2018 Keyworker Training 2018 Campaign Video Campaign Video page 02 Agenda

About the CFC Your Role & Responsibilities Materials, Resources & Tools How to make the Ask Follow Up page 3 About the

CFC page 4 CFC Quiz The CFC has been around for 57 years.

How much money have generous federal employees donated during that time? Who is eligible to donate through the CFC?

Does the CFC accept cash donations? What are the ways to make a pledge?

What can federal employees pledge in addition to money? page 5 Why the CFC

Confidence Convenience Choice page 6 How the CFC Works

page 7 The CFC Impact page 8 Who Can Pledge

page 9 2018 Enhancements page 10

Your role as a keyworker page 11 8 Steps to Success page

12 8 Steps to Success (cont.) page 13 Additional Responsibilities Keep your leadership informed and involved

Participate in campaign events Connect with the campaign via social media Attend weekly meetings with your Campaign Manager/Coordinator Promote and participate in #GivingTuesday page 14 Campaign

Materials, Resources & Tools page 15 Keyworker Guide and Checklist

page 16 Charity Listing page 17 Pledge Form and Pledge Tips Card

page 18 Cause Card Cancer Awarenes s

page 19 #GivingTuesday Card page 20

Posters page 21 Barometer Poster page 22

Table Tent Cards page 23 Digital Resources and Toolkits page

24 Make the Ask your most important responsibility page

25 Whats your favorite Cause? page 26 The Ask

TELL your why GIVE the benefits of

the CFC ASK about their favorite cause

INVITE your coworker to join you in making a pledge THANK

them for their time page 27 Follow Up

page 28 page 28 Resources for Following Up Email templates Flyers

Stories Dollar impact statements Cause card Giving Tuesday card page 29

Collect Completed Pledge Forms Common Pledge Form Errors 1. Illegible writing 2. Total gift and charity designation amounts not the same 3. Not all funds specified to a charity 4. Reporting unit info missing

or inaccurate 5. Authorization portion not signed 6. SSN missing for payroll deduction 7. If giving by check, attach that when submitting the form. CFC does not bill donors.

page 30 Thank you and Recognition page 31 Important Guidance

DO Promote voluntary giving Encourage donors to select a cause Recognize and thank donors DO NOT Do not use coercion - it

is not tolerated Do not show favoritism to a particular charity Do not create lists of non-donors or share a list of donors with management. page

32 Questions page 33 Thank you For more information, be sure to

visit [cfcnca.org] or [facebook.com/cfcnca] [twitter.com/cfcnca] page 34

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