2014 Portland Agile and Scrum MeetUp

2014 Portland Agile and Scrum MeetUp

2014 Portland Agile and Scrum MeetUp January 27 2013 Vision To foster and empower the Agile community in Portland where people can share their experiences and learn from others. To create a local network

for agilists to meet like minded people to learn and find opportunities in the Agile space. Sponsors ISITE Design RamanTech Preferred vendor for some of the world's

most respected companies and organizations. Delivered full-service web solutions for more than 200 clients ranging from startups, non-profits and small businesses to Fortune 25 industry leaders. Scrum Alliance and

Project Management Institute REP Provides Certified and Approved Agile Training Provides Agile Coaching and Transformation Services 2014 ROADMAP

2014 GOALS Monthly Speaker to present on a relevant Agile topic and share their experiences. To Get more people to join the Meetup and LinkedIn groups. Currently, we have 93 members for our Meetup and just started our LinkedIn group. To Run two, one day Agile Coach Camps that will include keynote, presenters, workshops, and open space. To Create a local Agile Job and Announcement network for people to find opportunities.

THE ASK Spread the word about the group and bring people to the Meetup that are interested. Volunteers to help with Agile Coach Camp looking for seasoned Agilists to facilitate workshops, present on topics, help coordinate, etc. Looking for space to host Agile Coach Camp (Hint: Intel and Nike). Looking for seasoned Agile speakers. In general, anyone that wants to volunteer and be apart of a

growing, exciting community, we want your help! FUTURE EFFORTS To record the monthly presentations and post it on our Video Blog for people to watch incase they missed the talk or would like to listen to it again. How we can leverage the Portland Agile Community to help the Portland Startup Community (e.g. mentoring/advising Startup companies how to implement Agile practices and value when developing their products). Hackathon to test drive new Agile tools on the market or tools that

people havent experimented with. Bring Jeff Sutherland, Ken Schwaber, or Mike Cohn as a Speaker in the Fall. GROUPS & EMAIL IDS PDX AGILISTS PORTLAND AGILE AND SCRUM MEETUP GROUP

Sanjeev Raman, [email protected] QUESTIONS

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