2010 CIF Scorekeeping Clinic - North Bay Volleyball

2010 CIF Scorekeeping Clinic - North Bay Volleyball

CIF Scorekeeping Tutorial SCORING CLINIC PREFACE This is a tutorial created to assist referees and high school scorers with CIF scoring procedures. Text describing events on the court will appear first. A score sheet will show how to score these events. SCORING CLINIC PREFACE This PowerPoint format was created by Kevin Gould of North Carolina. The data was formatted by Bob Boese of Louisiana and edited by Rick Brown of Ohio. Jan Filip of California modified it for use in the training of CIF scorekeepers. This presentation is the overall process of scoring a match, what to expect and how to guide the official scorer. SCORING CLINIC PREFACE

A sample set is about to begin. To practice scorekeeping, have a blank scoresheet and a black (or blue) pen and a red pen at hand. The sample set covers a wide variety of potential set situations. The objective is to learn the proper procedures for recording set events. Many of the events described in this sample set rarely occur, and will realistically not happen in a typical set or match. The objective is to learn the proper procedure and how to apply it to the specific play rather than to expect your future sets to present similar situations. SCORING CLINIC PREFACE As you go through the slides, you will see several text boxes like this one. These boxes will describe a situation, and you will be able to record the appropriate action on the scoresheet. In most cases, the box will disappear after a mouse click. Once the block fades, the proper action will appear on the scoresheet. In addition, the symbol below indicates that you should click on the arrow to advance.

SCORING CLINIC PREFACE The score sheet used in this clinic reflects the current model being used in California. However, referees will encounter scorers who are not well trained or who do not record information in the way shown here. Rather than emphasize how to score each set in this manner, the R2 will need to be flexible as long as the information entered on the score sheet is accurate. BLANK SCORESHEET SYMBOLS USED IN KEEPING SCORE ARE LOCATED HERE Header S e r v i n

g O r d e r S t a r t i n g School Name Individual Scoring Area L i n

e u p s Total Team Substitutions Comments Box R u n n i n g R u n n i n g

S c o r e S c o r e Time Outs S e r v i n g O

r d e r S t a r t i n g School Name Individual Scoring Area L i n e u

p s Total Team Substitutions Scoring Keys Set Number Results Officials Donna Whistler VOLLEYBALL SCORING SAMPLE SET For Current Year High School Volleyball Seasons This is a set between Adams High School and Madison High School played at Madison Gym on October 2, 2009. The first referee/R1 is Brian Hemelgarn, the second referee/R2 is Donna Whistler and the official scorer is Jan Filip.

Basic Information The scorer should fill in: 1 The Header which includes: Schools names (at the very top). Date and time the match is being played. Location where it is being played. 2 Set number 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. 3 Officials names R1 & R2. Official scorers name take credit for your work and efforts. 1 2 Header Set Number 3

Officials Donna Whistler School names are entered on the side that corresponds to where each team will start the match Adams on the left and Madison on the right. Scorer marks the team with the first serve. (R2 typically tells scorer who has serve Adams wins the coin toss and elects to receive.) 42 Set ADAMS 23 X 1c 3 5

7 9 11 Set MADISON X 2 4 6 8c 10 12 Lineups should be added from the lineup sheets submitted by coaches in serve order. First Serve School Names Starting Line-ups Donna Whistler

REMEMBER If a number appears on the lineup sheet that isnt on the team roster (which must be submitted with 10 minutes left in the timed warm-up), the scorer should inform the R2. If the scorer hasnt received the lineups for both teams and its approaching 2 minutes remaining in the timed warm-up, the scorer should inform the R2. Double Check R2, scorer and libero tracker all compare the submitted line-up sheets to the score sheet and the Libero Tracking Sheet to verify that they show the same information. LIBERO TRACKING SHEET ADAMS Set 1c

3 5 7 9 11 42 MADISON 2 4 6 8c 10 12 23 REMEMBER If a coach does not include a libero number on the submitted lineup sheet, the team will not be able to use a libero for that set. The R2 should check the line up sheet . If the libero number is missing, verify with the coach that his/her team is

not using the libero for that set. The R2 uses preventive officiating by asking the head coach if they intend to use the libero. NO LIBERO LISTED = NO LIBERO PLAYING The team may still use the libero for another set but only if a libero number appears on the lineup sheet for that set. 6:32 pm Running Score Column 1 2 R When Madison #2 contacts the ball, enter the start time: 6:32 pm. drawscores a circle ( points

) on (points the line 1in and #2s 2 ) Then Madison two individual area. The circle indicates a legal serve on #2's serve. Madison the next rally. occurred. Circle theloses first two points in Madisons Running The losssure

of rally sign looks like this R Make the circle touches both the top and Score column as the points are scored. Donna Whistler bottom line. 1 2 3 4 R

1 2 R Adams scores a point (point 1) on Madison #2's loss of rally. Adams Slashscores point 1three in the running score for Adams. more points (points 2 , and put a rally point in the scoring area for 3 Adams and 4 first ) onserver #1's serve. (#1). Then, Adams loses the rally. Donna Whistler

3 4 5 R Madison scores a point (point 3) on Adams #1s loss of rally slash two pointmore 3 in points Madisons running Madison #4 scores (points 4 and 5 ). score and put a rally 3rd point in the scoring area ofMadison #4. Then, Madison loses the rally. Donna Whistler

5 Adams scores a point (point 5) on Madison #4's loss of rally. Remember to slash point 5 in Madisons running score. Then write the loss of rally point (5) on Adams #3s serving line. Donna Whistler 6 7 8 R Adams libero (#42) comes in to serve for #3 (This replacement is not a substitution and is only on the Libero Tracking

Sheet). recorded Adams libero serves and Adams scores three The scorer a triangle serving more pointsplaces (points 6 , 7 (and )around 8 ). II onplaces contact with thearound ball to show position The scorer a triangle every that

pointis the place thein libero in the rotation the only libero bothcan the serve individual scoring scores Adams then loses the rally. during thisthe set.running score. area and Donna Whistler

58 6 S 58/6 Madison substitutes #58 in / #6 out (S 58/6). Madison scores one point (point 6) when Adams 58/6 means #58 substituted in and #6 left the lost the rally. court. Donna Whistler REMEMBER The scorer should mark the scoresheet in three (3) places for every substitution: 1 in the player individual points area: record S if the serving team substitutes or Sx if the receiving team substitutes followed by the player numbers Incoming/Outgoing. 2 - player number: slash the number of the player coming out of the set and enter the number of the player entering the set. 3 under Substitutions: slash the applicable number to

show the total number of team substitutions used to that point. 9 7 8 R Madison loses scoresthe twonext points rally. ( 7 and 8 ) on Adams scores a point (point 9) on Madison #58s #58's serve. loss of rally. Donna Whistler Madison calls a Timeout. Scorer should record time-out by receiving team as Tx and put the score when it is called (8-9) in the time-outs box the score of the team that

called the time-out is listed first. Tx 8-9 Donna Whistler Adams #5 serves and loses the rally. Madison scores a point (point 9) on Adams #5's loss of rally. (c) R 30 9 Sx 30/7 The Adams scorer substitutes places a #30 triangle

for #7 ( (Sx ) 30/7). around serving Madisons position liberoIV (#23) when replaces #23 contacts #8 the ball (notto a substitution!) show this is the to serve. only place #23 the becomes libero Donna Whistler

can floorserve captain. in this Theset. scorer marks 23 (c). REMEMBER Anything that happens during a players term of service is marked on the line following that players number including substitutions, time-outs and penalties even if its something the other team does: Substitutions (Sx and the players numbers) Timeouts (Tx) Penalties (P followed by number of point scored) 10 R

MISTAKE Adams scores a point (point 10) on Madison liberos loss of rally. Madisons libero serves and Madison loses the rally. Note that the scorer makes a mistake and fails to record Madisons liberos serve Donna in aWhistler triangle which the R2 should spot at the next timeout. The R2 catches the scorers previous error regarding the liberos loss of rally. The scorekeeper Xs out the wrong symbol and replaces it with a R . 11 12 13 14 Tx R 9 - 14 four

more points(Tx) (points 11 ,score 12 , Adams Madisonscores calls its 2nd time-out with the Adams Madison 9. 13 & 1414;) on #30's serve. Donna Whistler REMEMBER Teams typically call time out when the other team is serving to try to halt the momentum and make adjustments. Scorer records Tx in box score and also writes

in the score at the time of the time out in the timeout box (calling teams score first). A team gets only two time outs per set. The scorer should tell the R2 the number of time outs taken by both teams when a time out is called. If a third time out is called, the scorer should tell the R2 immediately. Madison subs #6 back in for #58 (Sx 6/58). 58 6 Sx 6/58 15 16 17 18 R 10 Madison scores a point (point points 10) on(points Adams15 ,

Adams #30 scores four more 16 , 17 ) then loses the next rally. #30's loss&of18 rally. 2 Donna Whistler Adams scores a point (point 19) on Madison #10's loss of rally. 19 RS R Madison #10 has a reserve (RS) the R2 verifies Madison #10scorer. then foot faults to lose the next rally. this for the

Since a foot fault is an illegal serve, the R goes in a square ( ) because it is a no serve. Donna Whistler Adams scores penalty point 22 on the red card. The scorer enters the following in the Comments section: RC, Madison #2, UC, Set 1, 10-21 You will copy this information in the Comments section of every later set as well. P 20 21 P22 23 24 R R The Adams scorer #9puts serves

boxed andP22 scores ( P22 two ) in points the individual ( 20 RC, Madison #2, UC, Set 1, 10-21 score and and 21 boxed ). P22 in the running score. Adams Madison scores #2 calls two more the R1points a jerk(points and receives

23 a Donna Whistler and red24 card. ), then loses the rally. 25 11 R Adams scores a point (point 25) on a point (point 11) when #12'sserves loss ofand rally

and wins the Madison Madison scores #12 loses the next Donna Whistler rally. Adams #9 lost the last rally. set, 2511. The end time of the set is 6:54 pm. The R2 should verify the score and then initial/ The scorer should record the name and score of sign the scoresheet/book for set one (and all thethe winning team and the losingthe

team for set one At conclusion of the match, R1 shall subsequent and sign thesets). scoresheet. verify all scoresheets before initialing and signing per Rule 5.3.4e. Donna Whistler DW REMEMBER If it becomes necessary to return to Server I, the scorer changes to a red pen for the second time through the serving order. If a third time through the rotation becomes

necessary, it will be done in black (or blue) again. The Official Scorer is part of the team with the R1, R2, Libero Tracker, Timer and Line Judges. The score on the official score sheet is always considered to be the correct score! If there is a discrepancy and the R1 or R2 has definite knowledge, the score sheet may be adjusted. If the issue cannot be resolved, the official score sheet is the final answer. The scorer shouldnt hesitate to ask the R2 for help if/when it is needed any issues need to be fixed while they are small and still manageable. Have a successful volleyball season

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