2002 CMAR - lama-online.org

2002 CMAR - lama-online.org

CMAR Certified Manager of Animal Resources What is Management Certification? A recognizable credential that shows you can meet the challenges of the lab animal management field consistently and effectively.

Why Certify? Useful for promotions and hiring decisions. Gives recognition as an industry professional. Builds confidence and improves performance. Evaluates strength and weaknesses. Enhances career satisfaction. Partners Bringing You the CMAR Program

AALAS LAMA Laboratory Animal Management Association ICPM Institute of Certified Professional Managers What are the CMAR Program Eligibility Requirements? Bachelor Degree (or higher degree) 5 years of lab Animal

experience 3 years of managerial experience CMAR Facts 495 individuals have applied since 10/01 The CMAR candidates are made up of Managers Supervisors Veterinarians

Directors 130 CMARs in the USA Progressing through the CMAR Program CM exams administered by ICPM CM application sent to ICPM. CM fees payable to ICPM. 15-month time limit to complete CM exams Exams in pencil-and-paper and computerbased formats. Animal Resources Exam administered by AALAS

CMAR Program application sent to AALAS. CMAR Program fees payable to AALAS. 15-month time limit to complete Animal Resources Exam. Exam in pencil-and-paper format. Progressing through the CMAR Program CMAR candidates may apply simultaneously to:

ICPM for the CM exams AALAS for the Animal Resources Exam CMAR candidates must complete all work and education eligibility requirements before qualifying to take the Animal Resources Exam. Progressing through the CMAR Program Please take special note of the time limits for completing the exams:

15 months to complete the CM exams once approved by ICPM. 15 months to pass the Animal Resources Exam once approved by AALAS. Progressing through the CMAR Program After each exam, you will receive a score report that identifies if you passed or failed. If you failed, you also receive a

breakdown of strengths and weaknesses in exam topic areas. Certified Manager (CM) An Eligibility Requirement for CMAR Three Certified Manager Exams Management Skills I Foundations of Management Management Skills II Planning and Organizing Management Skills III Leading and Controlling CM exams are offered on demand. Contact ICPM when you are ready to test.

How Do I Apply for the Certified Manager (CM) Exams? Contact the Institute for Certified Professional Managers (ICPM) Phone: 1-800-568-4120 Email: [email protected] Web site: http://www.icpm.biz What is involved in the CMAR certification process? Must pass all CM exams via ICPM.

Apply to AALAS for Animal Resources Exam. AALAS Fees ICPM Fees $25 application fee $75 application fee $75 processing fee waived $100 exam fee per exam for AALAS & LAMA members $375 Total $85 exam fee $110 total for members

$185 total for non-members What are the Exams Like? 150 multiple choice questions. Test takers must demonstrate realworld analysis and decision making. Animal Resources Exam Topic Areas:

Optimizing Facility Resources Managing Fiscal Resources Achieving Regulatory Compliance Managing Animal Welfare Assuring Public Trust Animal Resources Exam Topic Areas Optimizing Facility Resources

A. Evaluating, Planning, Renovating and Monitoring Facilities B. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) C. Protecting Assets and Personnel; Disaster Planning and Management II. Managing Fiscal Resources A. Developing and Monitoring Budgets B. Grants and Contracts C. Cost Management III. Achieving Regulatory Compliance A. OSHA/ Safety B. IACUC C. FDA/USDA/EPA/PHS

IV. Managing Animal Welfare A. Animal Health, Controlling Disease and Veterinary Care B. Training Personnel and Handling Incidents V. Assuring Public Trust A. Ethical Considerations and Euthanasia B. Public Relations, Customer Service and Professionalism I. How is the Animal Resources Exam Administered? Pencil-and-paper exam

administered at a conference or at individual institutions in fall of 2006 : NCAB Meeting AALAS National Meeting Contact AALAS to locate a meeting nearest to you! Are There Study Materials for CMAR?

CMAR Reference List can be downloaded from AALAS Web site or contact AALAS Office. CMAR Resource Kit is available from AALAS. It contains all reference materials on the CMAR Reference List. How Do I Apply for the Animal Resources Exam? Send completed application and payment to AALAS. CMAR application can be

obtained on the Web, by email, phone or FOD. Recent changes Appeals form Maintenance form Proctoring Guidelines AR Exam length and time 150 Questions 3 hours

Appeals Form Submit form to AALAS Attach a completed CMAR Application Form Attach 3 letters of recommendation Attach resume Do not submit payment for exam fees. Attach documentation for the activities you list as substitute

criteria. Maintenance Form Candidates who have not successfully passed the AR exam and applied to ICPM within the 15-month period must submit a form pay a

maintenance fee ($25) Proctors AALAS staff, CMAR-certified AALAS/LAMA members, or a member of a human resources department are eligible Proctors must sign a confidentiality form No proctor may be in the direct or indirect reporting structure of the exam candidate. Proctors must hold the title of manager or higher, or be a member of the human

resources department. CMAR Re-Certification To maintain your status of CMARcertification, you must Re-certify for CMAR Every two years CMAR Re-Certification Demonstrate continuing competence through continuing education

Submit to AALAS a record of 24 continuing education units (CEUs) every two years. Submit to AALAS a re-certification fee $40 for AALAS/LAMA members, $75 for non-members Please note that re-certification is mandatory to retain your status as a CMAR. CMAR Re-Certification If a CMAR-certified manager does NOT re-certify

CMAR certification becomes INACTIVE 4 months after the re-certification anniversary date has passed. Status remains INACTIVE for 2 years past the CMAR anniversary date, unless re-certification requirements are satisfied. If status is still INACTIVE past the 2-year CMAR anniversary date, CMAR status is lost. To regain CMAR status, the AR Exam must be retaken and all exam fees paid. Comparison of CMAR

Re-certification with Registry CMAR Registry Mandatory Done every 2 years 24 CEUs/2 yr Fee $40 members/$75 nonmembers

Voluntary Done every 2 years 24 CEUs/2 yrs LATG Free for AALAS members ($40 for nonmembers)

CMAR re-certification vs Registry How is CMAR re-certification similar to the Registry? Both the CMAR re-certification program and the Registry operate on a two-year cycle. In both programs, you submit your CEUs every two years. CMAR re-certification vs

Registry How is CMAR re-certification different from the Registry? The Registry is a voluntary program. You dont lose your technician certification if you choose to not participate in the Registry. It is also free for AALAS members. CMAR re-certification is mandatory. Managers not re-certifying their CMAR credential risk losing their status as a CMAR.

Questions or More Information? American Association for Laboratory Animal Science 9190 Crestwyn Hills Drive Memphis, TN 38125 Phone: (901) 754-8620 www.aalas.org

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