1:1 for 6th Grade

1:1 for 6th Grade

6th Grade 1:1 Laptop Program Ned Dale, Principal Goals for today Requirements to get a netbook. Overview on plan to distribute. Ways to support your child with use of computer.

Support available for students, parents and staff. Why Spencerport is moving in this direction. Answer questions you might have. (3X5 Cards are available for you to complete and fill out) Plan and process to distribute computers Computer use agreements must be processed by parent or guardian.

We have computers available in the library today to help with this process. Student will receive their laptop in their Library Skills or Information Technology Course during the 2nd or 3rd contact of these classes. Students are expected to use the carry sleeve that will be provided to protect them. Expectations and best practices will be reviewed by Mrs. Roth or Ms. Cordovani.

ISTE Standards for Students: Internation al Society for Technology Student Expectations

Charge the laptop every night and make sure it is ready for the next day. Report any problems, damage or other issues to the library staff immediately. Follow the computer use agreement for students at home and at school. Content should be appropriate for classes and coursework that will enhance the learning. Supporting your child:

Connect to the home wifi. Monitor your childs use of the computer and remind them to charge their device each night. Consider checking the history of any of the search engines: Google, Internet Explorer, etc... Students should walk you through Schoology courses that they may be enrolled in throughout the year. Assignments will be dated and in the calendar portion of this

application. Supporting our Staff: Training has been conducted every year using various applications. Schoology-Learning Management System will be used throughout the year and additional training has been provided throughout the summer and piloted in the Spring of 2016. Release days and faculty meeting trainings will

be done throughout the year. Learning Process Site visits last year to multiple districts. Attended multiple trainings and workshops to learn best practices. Distribution and implementation process will be a learning curve. 7 additional pilot teachers at 7th and 8th grade to support the implementation in 2017-18.

Questions Complete 3X5 Cards and leave them on the table. We will answer questions and post them on the web.

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